Ferrindino’s Sugarhouse’s story begins in 2010 with the Ferrindino family’s quest to create a natural product to share with family and friends. The Ferrindino’s values were getting more and more difficult to sustain in today’s processed food epidemic and an alternative source was essential. Over the next two years the Ferrindino’s exhausted all resources related to producing the finest maple products in the world and in 2012 Ferrindino’s Sugarhouse was established.

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The iconic FERRINDINO’S SUGARHOUSE name is very dear to us and our beliefs. Our family believes that as previous consumers the best way to show pride and loyalty to a product is to put something that you hold dear to your heart up front and center on the product. For us that is our family name.

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Ferrindino’s Sugarhouse wants to change the way you look at your ingredients and that is why we came up with our “TREE TO TABLE” approach. Our “TREE TO TABLE” approach starts at the tree and carries into crafting the finest pure maple products available. Our state of the art production facility ensures that the product that you give to your family is 100% pure and contains no preservatives or additives.


Every winter the Ferrindino’s Sugarhouse team prepares for the spring thaw. This thaw marks the start of our maple sugaring season. These warm days and cool nights in early spring coax sugar maple trees to turn stored starch back into sugar and mix the sugar with ground water that the tree takes into its root system. This desirable ingredient is now referred to as sap. The sap is crystal clear and contains approximately 2% sugar. To harvest the sap which is the backbone of our establishment we first drill a small seasonal tap hole and insert a 5/16 tap into the tree. This tap feeds into our extensive networks of tubing thorough out our sugar-bushes. These tubing systems generally follow the grade of the earth to our collection centers. The collection centers house large stainless steel vats and liquid ring vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps are used to pull up to 29 inches of vacuum on our tubing systems which then transfers the vacuum to the trees tap hole increasing sap production up to 100% percent with no harm to the tree or environment.

The sugarhouse is where our pure collected sap is then transformed into the savory Ferrindino’s Sugarhouse syrup that we all know and love. We start this process by first pumping the sap through a series of filtration units to ensure we are starting with a top quality ingredient. After filtration we then send the sap into our reverse osmosis machine that removes up to 90 percent of the water. This process ensures us efficient sap processing time which then translates into a superior finished product. It also allows us to carefully adjust the amount of natural caramelization time the sap will have on the evaporator later on in the process. After the sap leaves the reverse osmosis machine it is now concentrate. Concentrate is sap that is brought up to higher sugar levels which is generally around 10%. The concentrate is then brought to our high efficiency wood fired evaporator where the sap is boiled down systematically to 66.7 brix, the finished point of syrup. The evaporator consists of three main sections. The pre heater which brings the concentrate up to 180 degrees using steam from boiling concentrate further down the line. The next stage is the flue pan where the majority of the concentrates water is removed. Finally the concentrate goes into the syrup pan where it is given time to caramelize and reach the stage of finished syrup at 66.7 brix or 218 degrees.  The finished syrup is now being taken off of the evaporator and being mixed with a filtering medium and the sent through a seven stage filter press to meet Ferrindino’s Sugarhouse rigorous purity standards before being transferred into stainless steel drums for future bottling or distribution.

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